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3. Do you like Nutella?

Fuck yes I do.

6. Cheese or pepperoni?

I’m more of a cheese person. Actually, my favorite is with tomato and basil. It’s called La Checca at Two Guys from Italy. So good.

9. Do you take any medication? 


19. What would you like to receive as a birthday present?

I always enjoy a video game or a musical instrument, but honestly, I pretty much just enjoy anything that a  friend will give to me.

20. What is your favorite flavor of gum?

I hear that actors can get lockjaw from chewing gum. Even if that’s not necessarily true, I’m not really a big gum person.

24. How long have you had a tumblr?

Since ALA at the beginning of this year. And yes, it is exclusively because of homestuck.

33. A reason to follow you? 

Because I’m an excellent leader and I have a lot of charisma. And I post a lot of homestuck and people like homestuck? Honestly I don’t know why most of my followers follow me @_@

36. A field/discipline you do not support?

Um…math? I mean there’s a lot of things I don’t avidly support, but I guess we’ll say that if I were to have a kid and there was something that kid wanted to do, I would support him or her in it. 

39. Something that makes you sad?


41. Do you have many followers?

I have 98 followers and a bitch ain’t one.

49. What is the last movie you saw in theaters?

I think it was Avengers? I saw an advance screening in 3D. I hate 3D. 

51. Favorite Actor?

I have a few. If I were to divide it into epochs of film, I guess it would be like Spencer Tracy/Gene Wilder/Robert Downey Jr., all for different reasons, really. Spencer Tracy’s just got this very human quality that makes his characters seem very relatable. Gene Wilder is a master of subtlety (on a scale from Jack Black to Gene Wilder, how subtle are your reactions?) and RDJ is…well, RDJ.

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